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Address: Department of Computing, Celestijnenlaan 200 A, B-3001 Heverlee, Belgium.

Phone: +32-(0)16-32 75 57

Fax: +32-(0)16-32 79 96

Email: Marc Denecker

(Photo courtesy of Eugenia Ternovska)

Since 1/10/2002, I am an associate research professor, head of the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning research group, a subgroup of the Declarative Languages and Artificial Intelligence group of the Department of Computing of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven .

Here you find my Curriculum Vitae and on line publications (via lirias).

The groups main work is currently on the the IDP system, a knowledge base system providing multiple forms of inference and a declarative programming environment for the logic FO(.)^IDP, an extension of first order logic.

I teach two courses: Knowledge Representation and Formal Modeling of complex systems.

Recent or ongoing scientific events of which I and my group are involved in the organization:

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Research: My research domain is the formal empirical science of knowledge and its use for solving problems. Some things we did or do:

For more information on these topics, see the KRR webpage. If you are interested in working on some of these topics, consider applying for a PhD or postdoc in KRR.

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