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Ada Jobs - DeepBlueCapital, the Netherlands
- Experienced Ada Software Developer (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Submitted: 2013/09/30.
Archived: 2016/08/14.

Experienced Ada Software Developer

DeepBlueCapital is a proprietary trading firm, trading on most of the world's stock markets for its own account. All of our trading is done automatically, by programs executing algorithms our researchers have developed. The trading programs are written in Ada, with a smattering of other languages. We are growing fast and need additional developers in order to keep up with the growth.

We are looking to hire an Ada developer, preferably one with experience of soft real-time and highly reliable systems. Knowledge of finance and trading is not required, but would be nice to have.

The main job would be to help our researchers turn their algorithms into reliable and efficient code (this is why you really need to be in Amsterdam, so you and our researchers can work together in the same place). But we would also want you to work on our core code. Some examples of possible tasks are: boosting performance and scalability, improving our testing infrastructure; adding interfaces to new stock exchanges; writing analysis tools and graphical user interfaces. The company is quite small, less than 20 people, so you can easily make an impact.

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See http://www.deepbluecap.com/recruitment.html#software for more.

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Dirk Craeynest