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- Ada / C++ Analyst Developer (Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium)

Submitted: 2005/01/10.
Archived: 2007/03/16.

Aubay Belgium

Aubay BeLux is an IT Service and Consulting company resulting from the operational merger inside the group Aubay of two BeLux companies: Aubay Service Integration (formerly known as Three-I) and Offis.

With a team of 240 persons, Aubay BeLux offers IT-services either as time & means consultancy or as fixed-priced projects.

The service lines offered by Aubay BeLux are:

For more information visit our website: www.aubay.be

We are current looking for an

Ada / C++ Developer

Contact us:

Magali Peeters				Mail M.Peeters@aubay.be
Aubay s.a.				Web  www.aubay.be
Rue Gatti de Gamondstraat 145		Tel  32-2-609.11.34
B-1180 Ukkel/Uccle, Belgium		Fax  32-2-609.11.00

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