The Walnut Creek Ada CDROM (November 1998 Edition)

The 16th Edition of the Walnut Creek Ada CDROM is now available. It is a special edition for SIGAda'98 and Ada-Belgium'98.

If you plan to attend SIGAda'98 on November 8-12 or Ada-Belgium'98 on December 04, this is the double Ada CDROM you will receive for free there.

The following overview was provided by Rick Conn, editor of the CDROM. Similar information is also available on

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Ada and Software Engineering CDROM
Revision 2, 1 Oct 1998
Richard Conn

Title: "Ada and Software Engineering (ASE)"

Description: "A Resource for the Practicing Software Engineer (regardless of implementation language) and the Practicing Ada Developer"

Date: "November 1998"

Credits: "Richard Conn, Editor"

Note: "Release of this CDROM is timed to support:

Note: "ASE Card Catalog is Powered by GWRL - Generic Web-based Reuse Library - written in Ada95 and HTML"

Usage Note: "Windows 95/98 Autoload is in effect"
Usage Note: "This CDROM can be browsed using a Web browser of your choice. Start with the file 'index.htm' at the top level of either disc."
Usage Note: "This CDROM is conforms to ISO-9660 with Rock Ridge Extensions and the Windows 95/98 Joliet File System. It can be read on over 40 platforms, including Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and various UNIX platforms."

"The combined contributions of hundreds of authors have gone into the making of the Ada and Software Engineering (ASE) CDROM. These authors are acknowledge in their associated ASE Card Catalog entires.
"The editor wishes to specifically thank the following people for their support in the creation of this product:

Signed: "Richard Conn, Ada and Software Engineering CDROM Editor"

"Members of the Software Engineering and Ada communities should not be without this library! With over 1G Bytes of documentation, information, web site indexes, Ada source code, and both general-purpose and Ada-oriented tools, this two-disc set is a valuable resource that addresses a wide variety of contemporary issues in Software Engineering."

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Last update: 1998/11/24.

Dirk Craeynest