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Call for Participation -
SPLC2006 - Workshop on Managing Variability for Software Product Lines

From: <>
Subject: (SEWORLD) CfP: Managing Variability for Software Product Lines
(Deadline: July 7)
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 08:16:04 -0600 (MDT)


                       Workshop on
     Managing Variability for Software Product Lines:
            Working with Variability Mechanisms

Held jointly with the 10th Intl' Software Product Line Conference
21 August 2006
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Managing variability is the essence of software product line practice.
Variability enters the product line picture through the need for
different features, deployment on different platforms, the desire for
different quality attributes, and the accommodation of different
deployment scenarios.  Eventually, every need for variability manifests
itself in one way or another in the actual artifacts that populate a
product line's core asset base.

"Variability mechanisms" is the name we give to the constructs that
achieve variation at the artifact level. Catalogs of these mechanisms
have been published, and they come in a bewildering variety.  They may
* application-level (such as the use of configurators or program
* architectural (such as plug-ins, or component replacement,
replication, or omission)
* design-level (such as aspects), or
* programming-language-level constructs (such as inheritance,
parameterization, or even runtime variation)

Selecting the correct variability mechanism(s) can have a dramatic
effect on the cost to deploy new products, react to evolutionary
pressures, and in general maintain and grow the product line.  But
selection remains an ad hoc process in nearly all product line

This workshop is intended to fill the void between variability
requirements visible to those who deal with features and other
product-level concerns, and the variability mechanisms visible to
creators and consumers of a product line's core assets.  The goal of the
workshop is to begin to codify a body of knowledge for the informed and
purposeful selection of variability mechanisms to use in a software
product line's core assets.

The workshop will be highly interactive and focused on making tangible
progress towards answering specific questions relating to best practices
in variability management.  During the morning session there will be
short presentations of selected papers. The bulk of the workshop will be
reserved for discussions and overall conclusions.  Participants will be
assigned to groups that reflect specific topics. Then, the discussions
will be carried out by raising and debating relevant questions related
to every topic. Finally, a member of each group will present the
conclusions.  As pre-workshop activity the participants will be asked to
read the accepted papers.  After the workshop, the leader of teach
working group will be asked to write a summary of the working group's
discussion and (especially) its conclusions.

Topics of interest for the workshop include, but are not limited to:
* Reasoning frameworks for variability selection
* Factors that affect the selection of variability mechanisms
* Cost models to enable reasoned selection of variability mechanisms
* Variability mechanisms especially suited for non-software artifacts
* Binding time issues from an strategic or economic viewpoint

Submission instructions

Prospective participants are required to submit a 3-6 page position
paper. All submissions will be reviewed by members of the program
committee and the organizing committee for quality and relevance.
Accepted papers will become part of the workshop proceedings and posted
on the workshop's website. Three or four papers will be chosen to be
presented during the workshop to foment discussion.

Submit your paper in PDF form to or by July 7, 2006.
Notifications will be sent by July 21, 2006.

Program committee:
* Michalis Anastasopoulos, Fraunhofer IESE
* Martin Becker, Fraunhofer IESE
* Stan Jarzabek, National University of Singapore
* Charles Krueger, BigLever Software, Inc.
* Juha Kuusela, Robert Bosch GmbH
* Klaus Schmid, University of Hildesheim
* Rob van Ommering, Philips Research

Call for Participation -
SPLC2006 - Workshop on Managing Variability for Software Product Lines

From: "Muthig, Dirk" <>
Subject: (SEWORLD) CfP: Managing Variability for Software Product Lines
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 10:24:21 -0600 (MDT)

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