Conference announcements

Special Evening Event

Ada-Belgium is pleased to announce a technical presentation by
Pierre Morere of Aonix France

Aonix Technology Update

Wednesday, February 20, 2002, 20:00
at the U.L.B., Department of Computer Science
Campus de la Plaine, building NO, Solvay room (5th floor)
Boulevard du Triomphe / Triomflaan, B-1050 Brussels

after the Ada-Belgium 2002 General Assembly


  1. Aonix Policy (20 min)
    Product evolution
  2. VectorCast (20 min)
    Test tool for Ada
  3. AdaNav (20 min)
    Generality about ASIS
    An Ada Tool based on ASIS: Call Tree & Profiling
  4. Q&A

More information

  1. Aonix products:
  2. VectorCast:
  3. ASIS:

All are welcome!

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Dirk Craeynest