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Ada-Belgium'2000 Workshop - 10th Annual Event

Portable GUI development with GtkAda

presented by Arnaud Charlet
of ACT Europe, one of the authors of GtkAda

Friday, December 15, 2000
U.L.B., Brussels, Belgium


The Ada-Belgium'2000 workshop will be held from 14:00 to approx. 17:30, Friday, December 15th 2000, Room 9.06, ninth floor, building NO, U.L.B., Campus de la Plaine, Brussels. This is an Ada-Belgium presentation with the support of ACT and ULB. Please register in advance (it's free!)

GtkAda: Overview
GtkAda: Design and implementation of a high level binding
Example of a GtkAda application: The GNU Visual Debugger
GtkAda step by step Tutorial
Platform independent solution - Unix & Windows
Thick binding to the Gtk+ graphical library - built on top of X11 and Win32 primitives
Plugable look & feel with GUI builder. Open Source, available now.
Type safe, Object Oriented and Thread safe.
More details and

Like all Ada-Belgium events this workshop is in English, though Arnaud also speaks French.

More information is available below: [UPDATE]

An A4 poster to help announce the Ada-Belgium'2000 Workshop is available.

Looking forward to meet many of you in Brussels.

Dirk Craeynest
Ada-Belgium Board

PS: Due to much effort being needed for preparing the Ada-Europe'2001 Conference, this year's main event is slightly scaled down from a full day seminar to a half day workshop.

Program [NEW]

14:00 - 14:45   GtkAda:
    [45']       Overview

14:45 - 15:15   GtkAda:
    [30']       Design and implementation of a high level binding

15:15 - 15:45   Coffee break

15:45 - 16:30   Example of a GtkAda application:
    [45']       The GNU Visual Debugger

16:30 - 17:30   GtkAda step by step Tutorial

17:30 - 18:00   Q&A, Discussion, Closing Remarks

Abstracts [NEW]

"GtkAda: Overview"

This part gives a general idea of the various capabilities and characteristics of GtkAda without going into low levels. Target audience is very general, from managers to developers.

"GtkAda: Design and implementation of a high level binding"

This presentation describes the design goals of GtkAda and how they have been achieved, in particular with details on how the low level interface to C has been done and how an object oriented hierarchy has been developed on top of a C library. Target audience is mainly developers.

"Example of a GtkAda application: The GNU Visual Debugger"

This part demonstrates the various capabilities of GtkAda through a real and non trivial GtkAda application: a graphical front-end for text based debuggers (gdb, dbx, ...). It describes the design goals of GVD, some of its internals and then follows an extended demonstration of GVD itself, with links to the various use of GtkAda. Target audience is relatively general, from project managers to developers.

"GtkAda step by step Tutorial"

The tutorial by itself provides the basics to create GtkAda applications, how to initialize the data, how to create the layout of your interface, how to handle events. The first part of the tutorial shows how to write GtkAda code with the concepts that surround it, the second part shows an overview of the existing widgets, and the third part describes how to use the GUI builder to ease the development. In the context of the Ada-Belgium Workshop, this will be a more high-level overview with not a lot of details.

Free Ada CD-ROMs for Ada-Belgium members

Copies of the full Ada and Software Engineering CD-ROM set (version 1), provided by Ada-Belgium through an agreement with the Special Interest Group on Ada of the ACM (ACM SIGAda) and handed out at previous Seminars, will be freely distributed to direct Ada-Belgium members attending the workshop. This CD-ROM set of 4 discs includes a.o. ports to lots of platforms of the GNU Ada 95 compiler (GNAT), and Aonix' Ada 95 Compiler and Environment for MS Windows. More information on this Ada and Software Engineering CD-ROM set is available separately.


We still have a small number of documentation sets of the Ada-Belgium'98 Seminar (theme "Concurrency & Real-Time") and the Ada-Belgium'99 Seminar (theme "Ada 95 Works!") for direct members not attending these seminars (as availability permits). These sets contain, a.o., printed proceedings with papers related to the presentations, copies of slides, and additional documents and papers.


An access plan to the Campus de la Plaine of the U.L.B. is available. Parking facilities are at access no. 2 (parking Fraiteur, the closest) or no. 4 (parking UAE, usually has free spaces). You can check on-line how to get to Brussels and how to reach the V.U.B./U.L.B. depending on the means of transport you use.


There is no charge for this event, but for practical reasons please register as soon as possible.

To register send an email to Luc Bernard,, with GtkAda in the subject.
Should you require a printable form, an Ada-Belgium'2000 Workshop Registration From is also available (useful if you want to get additional material, see below for details).

As mentioned above, for direct Ada-Belgium members registration includes the option to receive a free copy of the full 4-disc Ada and Software Engineering CD-ROM set, containing a.o. several editions of two Ada 95 compilers: the public GNAT distribution from ACT, for lots of platforms, and the ObjectAda Special Edition from Aonix, for Windows 95 and NT.
A limited supply of additional material that was distributed at the Ada-Belgium'98 and '99 Seminars is also available for direct members on their request (see above and registration form).

Others registering for the Ada-Belgium'2000 Workshop can optionally become Ada-Belgium members, and hence also receive the free CD-ROMs and documentation.

Workshop Secretariat

Ada-Belgium'2000 Secretariat
Attn. Luc Bernard
c/o OFFIS - Aubay Group
Weiveldlaan 41/32
B-1930 Zaventem, Belgium
Fax (32)-2-725.40.12


We would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support of our activities: ACT Europe, John Robinson & Associates, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (K.U.Leuven), Koninklijke Militaire School / Ecole Royale Militaire (K.M.S./E.R.M.), OFFIS nv/sa, Rational Software Corporation, Top Graph'X, and Université Libre de Bruxelles (U.L.B.).

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Dirk Craeynest