Ada in Action - Do-While Jones' book in several formats

The original ASCII version of Do-While Jones' "Ada in Action" book is

Volunteers have converted the book into several formats, all available here:

See below for more information. Many thanks to them for this effort and to Do-While for making his book public.

Dirk Craeynest

Ada in Action in hypertext format

This is a slightly edited version of Chris Morgan's message to the Team-Ada mailing list: obsolete details were deleted and a few links were added.

From owner-team-ada@ACM.ORG Thu Jan 11 14:06:35 1996
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 12:29 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Ada in Action
To: team-ada@ACM.ORG
Dear Team,

A couple of months ago I converted "Ada in Action" to hypertext. It's not complete yet, but I would like feedback on how to make it better. I have got as far as converting all the text, hyperlinking between all the files and the index and between each file and its predecessor and successor. Also I have converted the "figures" and made the references to them hyperlinks.

Some of you may object that it is obsolete now we have Ada95, however it is a good book, very opionionated, and of course Do-While has made it public. I ask you to remember all those times when you have possibly argued Ada 83 -> Ada 95 is not a big painful step, and so consider this book as relevant today as all that "legacy code" which in fact still does its job and would work fine under a new Ada 95 compiler.

I write with a request for testers : Do-While himself has some access to the web but last time I spoke to him, was struggling with Windows95. Prof Mike Feldman volunteered to be a tester, but I think he's a little too busy at the moment with his excellent ez2load work and GNAT/Mac port : we can only expect so much from him! Anyway, if anyone else can help, here's my technical details:

[ deleted - an evaluation copy is available on this server - DC ]

The eventual home for this work should be the Public Ada Library, as that is where Do-While would like to see it go. He is retaining all copyright and I am simply donating effort. However if any teamer has a web-site, I think a testing version on the web would be the best way for the Ada community to knock this conversion into shape, so if someone can "publish" the current version that would be great. [ done - DC ]

Note I have not updated the contents, that is something I would offer to do if the current work met with any encouragement. I would, of course, have to discuss this with Do-While : One area where the hyper-document is very rough is the listings, as I'm not sure what to do with them in a hypertext context, and I think a set that work with GNAT would add value.

Hope this makes sense. Drop me a line with any comments (good or bad).


Ada in Action in Adobe's PDF format

Herman Claus converted Do-While Jones' book to PDF format for easy viewing and to make a nice printout.

Date: Fri, 19 Apr 96 12:25:09 WET
To: <>
From: <> (Herman Claus)
Subject: ada in action
You can view the PDF version of the book 'Ada in Action' by Do-While Jones directly.

There is also a zipped PDF version available here for download (581 k). This file can be unzipped with Info-ZIPs unzip utility and can be read & printed with Acrobats PDF reader. For some extra info, look here.

ir. Herman Claus

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