Tel: (+32) 16 327567

I work in the Declarative Languages and A.I. lab of the KU Leuven, in Belgium.

I am currently a post-doctoral fellow of the FWO (Oct 2012 -- Sept 2015).

My research lies on the border between Constraint Programming and Data Mining. I am an Artificial Intelligence researcher, with special interests for search algorithms, constraints and declarative languages.

During my PhD I developed the CP4IM project.
My PhD thesis was titled "Declarative Pattern Mining using Constraint Programming", supervised by Prof. Luc De Raedt and Dr. Siegfried Nijssen.

I collaborate on the EU FET project 'Inductive Constraint Programming' and other projects in the group.

New: Slides of my Frontiers of AI talk @ ECAI 2014, "Constraint Solving in Data Mining".


Publications: KULeuven repository -- DBLP

Projects and software

PhD Topic: Declarative Pattern Mining using Constraint Programming
Supervised by Prof. Luc De Raedt and Dr. Siegfried Nijssen.
Funded by the Institute for the Promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders (IWT-vlaanderen).



Reviewer for PKDD 2010, ICDM 2011, ECMPLKDD 2011, IJCAI 2011, ICDM 2012, ILP 2012, SDM 2012, ECAI 2012, IJCAI 2013, ECMLPKDD 2013, CPAIOR 2014, CP 2014 (Doctoral Program), ECAI 2014, IDA 2014, AAAI 2015, CPAIOR 2015 and journals AIJ, DMKD, TKDD and Constraints.


Teaching assistent

Guest lectures

  • Constraint Programming Meets Data Mining summer school [September 2014]
  • Frontiers in AI @ ECAI 2014
  • Seminar at Monash university/NICTA [July 2014]
  • Current Trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI lab VUB/ULB) [February 2013]
  • Seminar at the Cork Constraint Computation Centre Seminar [March 2012]
  • Analysis of patterns summer school [October 2009]
Supervised seven bachelor and master thesis students [2009-present].

Science communication

  • FameLab benelux 2014: Cameras playing Where is Waldo (face detection) & Computers with brains (deep neural networks).
  • "True or false, a central problem in A.I." for the youreca challenge 2013 (first place)
  • "Rock-Paper-Sissors and A.I." for Kinderuniversiteit 2012 (Youngsters aged 8-12)
  • "The computer plays poker" for Wetenschapsweek 2010 & 2012 (Youngsters aged 15-18)
  • "Computer with a crystal ball" for Wetenschapsweek 2008 (Youngsters aged 15-18)