News (10/01/2013)

A new release will be made soon. We added support for lazy loading to get rid of the excessive memory requirements (previously it loaded the entire Java base library). This also allows us to make are release that does not include a copy of the Java API, preventing potential license issues.


JLo still uses the older Java syntax. The zip file with the examples shows the syntax. Some of the example still use the dedicated parameter mechanism. These examples will be fully converted when the Scala syntax is used. The example in cityroadnoparam show how to connect subobjects with the dedicated parameter mechanism.

Examples: This file contains the JLo class library and the examples. In addition, the java/ directory contains the Java source that is generated by the compiler. The bin/ directory contains the class files of the generated Java code. To use this project, choose "Import" in the File menu. Then choose "Existing Projects into Workspace". Then select the "Select archive file" option and select the archive file. Select the project "Test" for import. After that, Eclipse will run a full build of the project. Note that performing a full build takes a long time before you start to see the progress bar move. This is because of the initial clone of the entire model and the lack of support for lazy loading in Chameleon.

Eclipse plugin

Note that the plugin is not yet stable, as not all possible Java constructs are correctly processed in the translation. In addition, some type checks are currently incomplete. Do not install this plugin in your main Eclipse application, but in a separate Eclipse installation! It is best to restart Eclipse after installing the plugin.

  • On OS X, the eclipse.ini file is in
  • On Windows, the eclipse.ini file is in the same directory as eclipse.exe

Use the following eclipse update site to install the plugin:

To create a JLo project, select create new project, and then choose Chameleon project. In the wizard, you can select JLo as the language. You can then add the files from the example project and refresh.

The plugin generates Java code if you save a file, and rebuilds everything if you clean the project. In the provided project, there is an ant file to compile the generated code, and some scripts to execute the code. The run_all script runs all the tests.

Python 3

The Python 3 code is a self contained example:

News (10/01/2013)
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