Ada - In Strong Typing We Trust

The "Ada - In Strong Typing We Trust" coin-like picture is available here for promotional use.

It is based on previous similar Ada coin-like pictures, but has been updated and redesigned completely (see below for some history). This version adds "2012", referring to the latest ISO standard for the Ada programming language, and was recreated from scratch by Steven Craeynest in a more common format (PNG) and using the highest resolution version available of the original "Lady Ada" image.

We put no restrictions on the non-commercial use of the "Ada - In Strong Typing We Trust" picture, as long as it is used to help promote the programming language Ada. So feel free to include it on Ada-related project sites, to produce buttons or badges, etc.


Regular versions to view or download (color background):

Regular versions to view or download (grey background):

Alternative versions for reproduction (white or transparent background):

Some history

The initial "Ada coin" design was made for the Ada-Belgium programming contest in 2001-2002. Later, it was adapted to include "2005" as well, and to have more of the appearance of a coin, so it could be made into a badge.

The previous version of the "Ada coin" picture was used from 2004 on by ACM SIGAda to produce a large number of "silver coin" badges. Those badges have been handed out to participants at the annual SIGAda and SIGCSE conferences, and also at various other events. After the SIGAda 2004 conference, I brought a small bag with those "silver" badges back to Europe and have been handing them out at various Ada-Belgium events and in the Ada Developer Rooms at FOSDEM 2006, 2009, and 2012 in Brussels.

The latest version was used most recently to produce "gold coin" badges for the 2012 edition of ACM SIGAda's annual conference. A small number of these new badges will be available for the presenters at the 4th Ada Developer Room at FOSDEM 2013 early February.

We hope to see many new and novel uses for this "Ada coin". Enjoy!

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First published: 2012/12/10 (Ada Lovelace's 197th birthday).
Last update: 2012/12/10.

Dirk Craeynest