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This page contains a lot of Ada related pictures. They are organized in three sections depending on whether the image is related to the Ada programming language, to Lady Augusta Ada Byron, or to none of these. The pictures here are only scaled down versions or extracts; the full size versions are available via links in the accompanying text.

All images are claimed by their original contributor to be freely available for non-commercial use, unless mentioned otherwise.

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Ada, the first ISO-standardized OO programming language

Ada - In Strong Typing We Trust - redesigned 2012 "coin" versions
On the occasion of the ISO standardization of the Ada 2012 programming language definition, the "Ada coin" has been redesigned from scratch in a higher resolution, using the original "Lady Ada" picture and including "2012". It is available here for promotional use.
(Contributed by Dirk Craeynest, PNG, various sizes)

Ada is an international programming language, designed for software engineers.
(From the AJPO FTP site, 8 KB)

A picture of an Ada logo used in the Ada Promotional Campaign through the Ada Software Alliance; and another version.
(From the PAL Team-Ada directory, Tiff files converted to GIF format, 22 KB and 13 KB resp.).

This logo, approved by AJPO Director Don Reifer and Ada9X Project Director Chris Anderson, is for use on all new Ada marketing materials. It combines the globe symbol used by the AdaIC with the logotype that reads, "Ada, The Language For a Complex World." 1994/10/18
(From the AdaIC ftp-server, 4 KB).

The artwork from the cover of John Barnes' book "Programming in Ada" (Plus an Overview of Ada 9X), 4th edition, used with permission of Addison-Wesley Publishing Company (Mr. Simon Plumtree).
(Contributed by Dirk Craeynest, 61 KB and 120 KB JPEGs resp.)

The artwork from the April 1994 version of the Walnut Creek Ada CDROM.
(Contributed by Dirk Craeynest, original from Walnut Creek, 34 KB)

A picture of the July 1994 version of the Walnut Creek Ada CDROM.
(Contributed by Dirk Craeynest, original from Walnut Creek, 37 KB)

Ada, Countess of Lovelace

Lady Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace (1815-1852), daughter of Lord Byron (the poet who spent some time in a Swiss jail -- in Chillon, not too far from Lausanne...). She was the assistant and patron of Charles Babbage; she wrote programs for his "Analytical Engine."
(From the AJPO FTP site, 21 KB; compressed PostScript original, 69 KB)

Another classic picture: a portrait of Ada, Countess of Lovelace, acknowledged to be the world's first programmer, from the cover of John Barnes' book "Programming in Ada", 2nd edition, and used with permission of Addison-Wesley Publishing Company (Mr. Simon Plumtree). The original art was adapted from the portrait of Ada at the offices of John Murray, the London publishing company.
(Contributed by Dirk Craeynest, 11 KB)

Probably the original color portrait of Ada mentioned above. Evelyn Silva scanned this from a picture she found "in the trash" in Lousianna, USA, and submitted it to the Ada Picture Gallery in October 2000.
She wrote: On the bottom of the picture it says "LONDON PUBLISHED NOV 1 1838 FOR THE PROPRIETORS, No 18 & 19 SOUTHAMPTON PLACE, EUSTON SQUARE, NEW ROAD". In the lower left corner it says "Printered by Mc Queen". On the lower right of the picture its "Engraved By W. H. Mote". On the left "Drawn by A.E. Chaton R.A.". There was also a page with a bio on it. This was not in a book when I found it, it was loose along with some other Ladies of the Queens court. So I don't have any other info on it. It is an orginal print from its time, not a reproduction.
(Contributed by Evelyn Silva, 46KB 631x786 JPEG)

A similar, but slightly different black&white portrait of Ada.
(Contributed by Dirk Craeynest, original from Axel Nennker, 256 KB)

The picture of Ada that was given to many of the people on the original Ada committee back in the early 1980's. No restrictions on its use are known.
(Contributed by Dirk Craeynest, original from John A. N. Lee, 54 KB)

Two undated letters from Ada Lovelace (left) together with Babbage's son's instructions for operating a section of the Difference Engine and the medal awarded to Babbage in 1824 by the Astronomical Society of London.
The first letter on paper hallmarked 1838 and attributed in a later hand to 1840 or 1841, asks for an acquaintance's address: it is addressed 'Dear Mr Babbage' and signed 'A.L.', and refers to an impending visit to London. Neither letter mentions the subject of calculating.
(Contributed by Dirk Craeynest, original from, 114 KB 535x699 JPEG)

Other Ada pictures

Beware of the Ada Police!
or: We don't need no steenkin' mandate! From a small city in south-central Oklahoma, known for its horse breeding. It's about 200 miles north of Dallas.
(Contributed by Mike Feldman, 52 KB)

The Ada Package Store.
The sign of a liquor store right on the highway in Ada, Alabama, a very small town about 15 miles south of Montgomery, the state capitol.
(Contributed by Lynn Barton through Ray Renner, 568 KB; JPEG version 152 KB)

Two newer pictures of the Ada Package Store: looking from the store and to the store.
(Contributed by Doc Elliott, 392 KB, JPEG version 208 KB; and 362 KB, JPEG version 192 KB; resp.)

The Ada High School.
One of the educational institutions of the city of Ada in Oklahoma, USA. I wonder what programming language they teach there... ?
(Contributed by Dirk Craeynest, original from, 93 KB 511x373 GIF 256 colors; used with permission of Mark Willis, President & CEO, Ada Area Chamber of Commerce)

The Adventures of Ada Boy in Ada.
A series of pictures taken in Ada, Minnesota, by Mike Kamrad.
He wrote: As for background info about the pictures, they were taken in mid-July 1997 while I was visiting Fargo, North Dakota to participate in a beer judging contest. Ada, Minnesota, is located in the Red River valley, in northwest Minnesota. The Red River is noted as being one of the few rivers in USA to flow north, where it empties into Lake Winnepeg, Canada. The Red River valley is one of the flattest places in the world. I put all pictures together in a whimsical html web page, about Ada Boy (the vanity tag on my car) going to Ada.
(Originally posted by Mike Kamrad, multiple +-300 KB 888x574 GIF 256 colors; used with permission of Mike Kamrad)

Have an Ada beer from Belgium!
With it's enormous variety of beers, Belgium had to have an Ada beer! Brewery De Smedt in Opwijk brews 2 kinds of Abbey d'Aulne, resp. 8 and 10 degrees strong. Cheers!
(Contributed by Dirk Craeynest, scanned by DeJean, 136 KB; original JPEG version with lots of colors, 216 KB)

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