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LASER Summer School on Software Engineering - Innovative Languages for Software Engineering

Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 17:55:40 +0100
From: Nadia Polikarpova <>
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Subject: [SEWORLD] LASER Summer School 2012: Innovative Languages for Software Engineering

LASER Summer School on Software Engineering

Innovative Languages for Software Engineering
September 2-8, 2012 - Elba Island, Italy

Application deadline: March 15th, 2012


The LASER summer school, organized by the ETH Chair of Software
Engineering, brings together the concepts and practice of software
engineering in the idyllic setting of the Elba Island off the coast of
Tuscany, easily reachable by air, car, bus or train.

The LASER school is intended for professionals from the industry
(engineers and managers) as well as university researchers, including
PhD students. Participants learn about the most important software
technology advances from the pioneers in the field. The school's focus
is applied, although theory is welcome to establish solid foundations.
The format of the school favors extensive interaction between
participants and speakers.

Topic and speakers

LASER 2012 is devoted to programming and modeling languages. The summer
school will feature prominent languages from various paradigms and areas
of software engineering, presented by some of the world's most respected
language designers:

- Andrei Alexandrescu (Facebook): C++ and D
- Roberto Ierusalimschy (PUC Rio): Lua
- Ivar Jacobson (Ivar Jacobson International): UML
- Erik Meijer (Microsoft Research): C# and LINQ
- Bertrand Meyer (ETH Zurich and Eiffel Software, organizer): Eiffel
- Martin Odersky (EPF Lausanne): Scala
- Simon Peyton-Jones (Microsoft Research): Haskell
- Guido van Rossum (Google): Python

How to apply?

Use the online registration form available on the LASER website Registration is open until March 15th,
2012. The number of participants is strictly limited to ensure quality
interaction with the lecturers and the rest of the audience. For more
information, visit our website or contact the organizers: se-laser at


The school takes place at the magnificent Hotel del Golfo
( in Golfo di Procchio, Elba. Along with an
intensive scientific program, participants will have time to enjoy the
natural and cultural riches of this history-laden jewel of the

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