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Affiliation: Aubay Belgium (Offis) & K.U.Leuven, Belgium

Dirk Craeynest is Senior I.T. Consultant for Aubay Belgium (Offis), and works since 1995 mainly on large Ada-related software projects in industry, such as currently on the Flight Planning systems of Eurocontrol's Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU), lately on the CCAMS project also for Eurocontrol CFMU, and before that at Belgocontrol's CANAC Upgrade project, as well as on various projects at Eurocontrol CFMU, such as on the Enhanced Tactical Flow Management System (ETFMS).

Dirk obtained a degree in mathematics (specialization astrophysics) and a degree in computer science (specialization compiler construction) both at the university in Leuven, Belgium (K.U.Leuven). He worked there for over 11 years in the Programming Languages and Compiler Construction research group, and was involved in research and teaching on topics related to programming languages, compiler construction and software engineering. He is still part-time researcher at the Computer Science Department of the K.U.Leuven.

He is co-founder and President of the Ada-Belgium Organization and manages the external relations of Ada-Belgium including ftp-archive, web-server and mailing lists. Since 1994, he is member of the Extended Executive Committee of ACM SIGAda, ACM's Special Interest Group in Ada. Since 1996, he is board-member and Vice-President of Ada-Europe, the European federation of national Ada organizations. Since 1998, he is member of the Editorial Board of the quarterly Ada User Journal, and was News Editor for 6 consecutive years (1998-2003). Since 2000, he is member of the ACM SIGAda Award Committee. From 2004 until 2010, he was Head of the Belgian Delegation in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9, the ISO working group managing the Ada programming language standard; and since 2011 he is Representative for Ada-Europe in WG9. Since July 2005, he is an elected officer in the Executive Committee of ACM SIGAda, where he serves in the role of International Representative.

Dirk is involved in the organization of several annual conferences, such as Ada-Europe's International Conferences on Reliable Software Technologies, ACM SIGAda's International Conferences on the Ada Programming Language, the Ada-Belgium Seminars and Technical Presentations, and the series of Ada Developer Rooms at FOSDEM. He is active as member of the Program Committee and track chairman of numerous national and international Ada-related conferences, and was member of the Advisory Board of several Software Quality Week events. He was co-organizer and Program Co-chair of the Ada-Europe'2001 conference, the 6th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies held in Leuven, Belgium.

In 1999, he received a SIGAda award, the Outstanding Ada Community Contributions Award. In 2002, a paper he co-authored - "Exposing Uninitialized Variables: Strengthening and Extending Run-Time Checks in Ada" - received the Best Paper Award at the Ada-Europe'2002 conference, the 7th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies held in Vienna, Austria. In 2014, he received a second SIGAda award, the ACM SIGAda Distinguished Service Award (in the form of a statuette of Lady Lovelace).


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