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System Summary

hProlog is a high-performance Prolog system written for experimental purposes. It was originally intended as an alternative backend for HAL. Some noteworhty features are:

The current version of hProlog uses the Mercury reader and the hipP compiler.

Current Version

To obtain the most recent version of hProlog, please contact Bart Demoen.

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Old Versions

The whole of the hProlog1.3 distribution  (tarred-gzipped from 5-10-2001; just a snap shot of the day - the version used mainly for a CICLOPS2001 paper - except for the global variables implementation which has changed in the mean time)

The version of  hProlog1.4 with which the submission to ICLP'02 was made. And here are the benchmarks used in the paper.

These older versions of hProlog use the  XSB reader and the ilProlog compiler.

Contact Information

If you want more info, contact:

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