The 8th Prolog Programming Contest !

Took place at the occasion of ICLP'2002

In beautiful, romantic Copenhagen, Denmark.

On 30 July 2002, from 18.30 till 21 in room S111 of DIKU

The winning team consisted of

Peter Stuckey (now 4 times a winner !)
Kostis Sagonas (now 2 times a winner)
Christian Schulte

This team solved 3 problems
and were close to a fourth solution,
but C.S. was to stubborn to
comply to the specification :-)

Anyway: congratulations !

Second: Belgian team with Maurice Bruynooghe, Tom Schrijvers and Ruben Vandeginste
Third: North-American team with Gopal Gupta, Enrico Pontelli and Serghei Pelin

Both teams solved 2 problems and came close to a third.

The WEB version of the contest

The questions of the contest are available  here

Here are the results (aso announced in comp.lang.prolog):

Winners: Warwick Harvey and Neil Yorke-Smith solved 5 correctly (*)
Second: Bernhard Pfahringer solved 4 correctly (**)
Third:  Stefan Kral + Mark Probst solved 4 correctly (***)

Not classified: Peter Vanbroekhoven + Alexander Serebrenik solved 5 correctly (****)

Nobody found the optimal solution for the "Towers of Antwerpen Problem"

(*) Used ECLiPSe

(**) Didn't send in a solution to the "Towers of Antwerpen Problem"
       Bernhard won last year.

(***) Send in all 5, but "mamadee" seems to fail when there is a
      solution. Send in about 3 hours later than Bernhard Pfahringer.

(****) Came in about 3 hours too late.

Congratulations to Warwick Harvey and Neil Yorke-Smith.
Thanks all for participating.
See you !

See  here  for previous contests.

Bart Demoen and Phuong-Lan Nguyen